Large Quilts

Hello and thank you for stopping by for a look at my quilts.  For your enjoyment, I am presenting about one-third of the large quilts I have made during my 35 years of quilting.  They represent some of my favorites and some award winning quilts.  Many of these are included in one or more of my lectures that are available for guild programs.  Please stay a while and take a look.  You can click on the photo to stop the slideshow and then click either arrow to resume.  Hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon to see when a new quilt has been added.

Tee Quilt  - machine pieced and hand quilted in 1992,  drafted from photo in Ladies Circle Patchwork quilt magazine,  size 85" x 85"

Scarecrow - machine pieced 3" log cabin blocks and hand applique,  made January to August 1994,  hand quilted December 1995 to March 1996,  adaptation from quilt pattern by Christal Carter, size 82" x 92"

Rhapsody in Blue - machine pieced in September 2000,  machine quilted by Kay Costner (Tyler, Tx) in October 2008,  size 81" x 97"

Red Rose Sampler - hand applique and hand quilted January - November 2002,  adaptation from pattern by Rosemary Mahkan,  size 83" x 83"

Once is Enough (Baltimore Album) - hand applique and hand quilted September 1992 to March 1994,  this was my first applique quilt,  applique blocks from books by Elly Sienkiewicz,  size 84" x 84"

Nosegay - machine pieced and hand quilted,  made in 1994,  drafted design from photo in book titled "Soft Covers for Hard Times",  size 81" x 97"

Mohawk Trail - machine pieced, machine applique, and hand quilted January to November 2006, quilt has 256 fan blocks using a total of 768 different fabrics,  size 83" x 83"

Mariner's Compass - my first quilt, hand applique and hand quilted, made from 1986 to 1988, size 78" x 93" (this quilt will never have a folded crease line, it is made using poly/cotton broadcloth and a polyester quilt batting)

Glorious Garden - hand applique February to July 2001, hand quilted January - February 2002,  size 54" x 65"

Floral Fanfare - hand applique and hand quilted, made in 1991,  size 81" x 95"

Fabled Flowers - dimensional applique with hand applique and hand quilted,  January to August 1997,  inspired by designs in book "Fabled Flowers" by Kumiko Sudo,  size  64" x 82"

Crossing Over Time - machine pieced and hand quilted February to July 1998,  size 78" x 96"  (this quilt was to be made by my best friend and quilt mentor, Ima Tennison, she had chosen her fabrics but before she had a chance to start the quilt she suddenly passed away, and so I took the fabrics along with the pattern and finished what she had intended to make, my tribute to a great quilter)

Celtic Quilt - hand applique and hand quilted January 1995 to June 1996,  size 83" x 105"

Burgoyne Surrounded - machine pieced and hand quilted August 1998 to January 1999,  size 77" x 94"  (traditionally a two-color quilt, but I chose to make mine a little different by using three fabrics and if you look real close you can see the 'red coats' have surrounded General Burgoyne)

A Winter's Garden  -  hand applique and machine pieced in 2011,  and machine quilted by Vee Redden (Laneville, Tx) August to December 2014,  and hand quilted  by Brenda in February to April 2015,  adaptation from quilt pattern by Sheila Wintle,  size 73" x 72"
Into My Garden  -  machine pieced, hand applique, and hand quilted February to November 1999, adaptation from quilt pattern by Kellie Saffel,  this was a block of month program that I taught during 1999,  size 74" x 85

Blackford's Beauty  -  machine pieced and hand quilted March to July 2000,  this was a mystery quilt workshop sample,  size 82" x 82"

Summer Romance -  machine pieced July - August 2002,  machine quilted by Kay Costner (Tyler, Tx)  in January 2004,  this was a mystery quilt by mail from Glad Creations in Minneapolis, MN,  size 83" x 104"
Mystery by the Bay -  machine pieced January to July 2003,  machine quilted by Pat Scott (Porter, Tx) in July 2006,  an adaptation from a mystery quilt class with Debbie Caffrey,  this was a workshop in working with a one color family,  size 80" x 94"
Old Red  -  machine pieced in April 2004,  machine quilted by Pat Scott (Porter, Tx) in September 2006,  a workshop taught in using quilt block designs,  size 84" x 84"
Chocolate Covered Cherries  -  this was a string-pieced block exchange in 2004,  set together in November 2005,  hand quilted June 2007 to February 2008,  size 81" x 81"
Pink Chocolate -  machine pieced and hand quilted January 2009 to January 2010,  adaptation from quilt pattern by Red Crinoline Quilts,  size 80" x 80"
October Sky -  machine pieced June - July 2008,  machine quilted by Kay Costner (Tyler, Tx) in April 2011,  size 82" x 97
 Farmer Wife's Garden -  machine pieced January to July 2010,  hand quilted January to September 2012,  block patterns from the book "A Farmer's Wife Sampler" and the book "Around the Block",  size 89" x 89"
Crooked Creek -  machine pieced February to July 2014,  machine quilted by Cynthia Allen (Buffalo, Tx) in December 2014,  adaptation from Judy Martin quilt pattern,  there are 3372 pieces used to piece this quilt and over 3000 different fabrics used in making the quilt top,  size 92" x 92"
Cheddar Trails  -   machine pieced May to July 2013,  machine quilted by Vee Redden (Laneville, Tx)  December 2015 to February 2016,  adaptation from quilt pattern by Red Crinoline Quilts,  size 83" x 91"
Dahlia time 49  -  hand applique and hand quilted June 2004 to April 2005,  there are 49 Dahlia blocks each using a different floral fabric for the dahlia petals, a different green for the leaves, and each features a different combination of fabrics for the flower centers,  there are no repeats in the fabrics used to make this quilt,  size 81" x 82"
No Weeds in this Garden  -   machine pieced in September 2001,  hand quilted September to December 2003,  purpose of this quilt was to use as many floral fabric squares as possible to represent a garden path in nature,  size 76" x 88"
Stained Glass Garden  -  hand applique December 1999 to July 2000,  hand quilted October to December 2000,  all bias leading made by hand and hand stitched into place,   adaptation from quilt pattern by Sallie Biggs Pate,  size 73" x 74"
Belle Meade -  machine pieced blocks in October 2014,  quilt set together in February 2015,  machine quilted by Vee Redden of Laneville, Texas in August 2017, adaptation from Red Crinoline quilt pattern by the name of Belle Meade,  size 84" x 84"  (this quilt was gifted to a great friend, thank you Carl Strange of Flint, Texas)
Melon Patch  -  quilt blocks are an adaptation from quilt in Kim Diehl's book titled "Simple Comforts",  blocks enlarged for purpose of making a bed-size quilt,  blocks are combination of applique and pieced from January to April 2012,  machine quilted in September 2012 by JoLynn O-Neil of Santo, Texas,  size 80" x 80"


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