Small Quilts

In this gallery you will see just a few of my small quilts.  I make mostly large bed quilts, but do tend to make smaller quilts when learning a new technique or trying something that I have never done before.  There are a variety of techniques used in these quilts.  When I went thru a period of being very interested in silk ribbon embroidery you will notice that I was almost at the point of obsession with that particular technique and still to this day dabble in silk ribbon embroidery.  If you are a program chair person looking at these photos I want to make you aware that there is a workshop available for silk ribbon embroidery, so please click on the tab for the workshops.  Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for taking time to visit the Small Quilts gallery.  Please check back often as I will be adding new quilts.  You can click on the photo to stop the slideshow and then click either arrow to resume.

Coming Home  -  hand embroidery stitches by Anne Clarke (Tyler, Tx) November 2011 to June 2012 (what beautiful work!),  machine pieced and hand quilted by Brenda  from July 2012 to March 2013,  adaptation from redwork quilt pattern by CrabApple Hill Designs,  size 56" x 61",  my thoughts when I was ready to start this quilt was that I wanted the quilt  to look like a Currier and Ives postcard and thanks to Anne the finished quilt was more than I ever imagined.
Silk Ribbon Album -  hand silk ribbon embroidery in 2007,  hand applique in 2009,  machine quilted by Cynthia Allen (Buffalo, Tx) in November 2015, adaptation from pattern by Jenifer Buechel,  size 49" x 61"
Wedgewood Blue  -  hand applique and hand quilted in August - September 2004,  this quilt was featured in book "Mastering the Art of McTavishing" in 2005 and the book "Mastering the Art of McTavishing,  2nd edition and revised" in 2014,  this was the only hand quilted 'McTavishing' quilt in either book.  size 27" x 27"   NOTE:  I met Karen McTavish in May 2004 at the Machine Quilters Showcase quilt show in Springfield, Illinois.  Introduced myself as a hand quilter that was excited about using her "McTavishing" quilt design as background fillers for my applique quilts.  When she was preparing to publish her first "McTavishing" book her publisher contacted me about making a quilt of any size for the book because they wanted a hand quilted quilt featuring the "McTavishing" quilting design.  This was a honor for me to be asked to make a quilt for the book and it has opened my quilting world to trying new quilting motifs in the backgrounds of my quilts.  Thank you Karen,  Sara Duke,  and David Devere for this opportunity.
English Cottage  -  hand applique,  hand silk ribbon embroidery, and hand quilted  December 2000 to January 2001,  size 23" x 25"
Miniature Baltimore Album  -  hand embroidery,  hand silk ribbon embroidery, and hand quilted in March to July 1998,  designs taken from book by Jenifer Buechel,  size 31" x 31"
Ribbons and Threads  -  hand embroidery,  hand silk ribbon embroidery,  and hand quilted September to October 1997,  adaptation from pattern by Bonnie K. Browning,  this quilt is entirely made from either silk ribbon silk thread except for the hand quilting thread,  size 17" x 17"
Dimensional Flower Basket  -  dimensional flowers with hand applique broderie perse,  and hand quilted February to May 1995,  dimensional flower techniques from book "Dimensional Applique" by Elly Sienkiewicz,  size 34" x 34",  the fabric used for the broderie perse applique is from the Rising Sun collection from the Smithsonian Institute printed in 1994.
Mountain Majesty  -  hand applique technique and hand quilted in 1995,  at the time I was interested in pursuing the possibility of wanting to become more interested in making landscape quilts, this in a one and done attempt, although I do like what I made,  I quickly found out that my real interest was in traditional quilts and especially scrappy quilts, as you will notice as you look thru the quilt gallery,  size 40" x 29"


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