Machine Embroidery Quilts

In 2003 I purchased my first embroidery machine with the intention of combining machine embroidery blocks into my quilts.  This was before we had the wonderful designs produced today that already come with quilts in mind.  It was a long trial and error period because there was no one to go to for assistance for more than simply learning to use the machine.  Over the years I have developed class room techniques to show you how to use your embroidery machine for more than just monogramming and tea towels.  In these photos you will see samples of some of my quilts using machine embroidery work.  Please enjoy the scroll thru the machine embroidery quilts and check back often as I add new quilts to the gallery.  If you are the program chair person for your guild and want to find out more information about the program lecture or the workshops please look in the correct tabs and see what is offered.  You can click on the photo to stop the slideshow and then click either arrow to resume.  Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at the quilts and hope you enjoy what you see.

Splendid in Blue -  machine embroidery cross-stitch blocks,  machine quilted,  made April to November 2006,  this was my first venture into combining the technique of machine embroidery and my love of being a quilter,  size 72" x 72"
Baltimore in Bloom  -  machine embroidery blocks and hand quilted,  design source Pam Bono thru Husqvarna/Viking,  made in 2005,  size 18" x 18"
AquaMarine  -  machine embroidery quilt blocks (in these blocks there were as many as 9 hoopings to 12 hoopings to make one 17" block),  made July to October 2007,  machine quilted by Kay Costner (Tyler, Tx) in August 2010,  adaptation from Aquamarine Ambience designs by Jenny Haskins,  this was taught as a year long class in 2008,  size 89" x 89"
Garden Club  -  machine embroidery applique blocks (Smith Street Designs) March to June 2009,  machine pieced July 2009,  machine quilted by Cynthia Allen (Buffalo, Tx) in July 2014,  size 69" x 86",  once I began to learn to do machine embroidery applique it changed the way I looked at machine embroidery, my passion is hand applique but this technique has become a second love for me.
Compass of Change  -  machine embroidery pieced,  machine embroidery decorative stitches, and machine embroidery quilting motifs,  made January to February 2009.  this was a six month class taught learning the different techniques,  a purchased design set by HoopSisters,  size 48" x 48",  this quilt also had the sashing strips applied using a decorative stitch from my sewing machine and then I made the decision to also apply the binding by machine, this is the first and only quilt I have ever made that was entirely made using machine stitches,  the only hand stitches used were when I stitched on the quilt label.
Sincerely Yours  -  machine embroidery applique (Smith Street Designs) in December 2011,  set together January 2012,  and machine quilted by Cynthia Allen (Buffalo, Tx) in October 2015,  size 69" x 86",  this digitizer is one my favorites to work with - she produces wonderfully digitized designs and gives you great quilt settings
Fantasia  -  machine embroidery blocks (Designs by Janet Sansom)  and machine quilted January 2014 to February 2015,  size 58" x 58",  this is my favorite digitizer to use - she is from Australia and has the most unique designs and wonderfully digitized, she gives you a quilt design but I always seem use only the digitized stitch file and come up with my own quilt design, absolutely love working with her designs
Festive Flourish  -  machine embroidery mylar blocks  (Purely Gates designs) and machine quilted August - September 2014,  size 56" x 56"  -  this digitizer has produced embroidery blocks that place a mylar sheeting between the layers of stitches to give you the effect of using metallic threads without  having to use the metallic threads that can be very frustrating at times, wonderful finished designs and easy to stitch plus they give that extra 'bling' when needed.
Halloween Town  -  machine embroidery applique blocks (Anita Goodesigns designs)  and machine quilted November to December 2014,  size 52" x 52"  -  this embroidery project combines the use of fabrics for your applique shapes and stitches for other elements of the design,  the quilt setting is my original idea but there is a quilt setting suggestion that comes with the design CD, can be a fun quilt to make and play with your fabric stash at the same time.
Doll House Wallhanging quilt  -  machine embroidery applique,  machine quilted on home machine,  made in September 2017,  adaptation from machine embroidery designs by Ananda's Divine Designs,  size  35"w  x 31"h
Mint Chocolate Legacy  -  machine embroidery blocks from October to December 2017,  these machine embroidery blocks are all thread no jump stitches,  there was 1,644,428 stitches made to create these blocks,  embroidery stitch files from TreeTrunk Designs and are my original setting,  machine quilted on home machine in December 2017,  size 69" x 69"

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