Small Quilts

Mountain Majesty  -  made in 1995.  At one time I thought I would like to work in landscape quilts, this was only my second attempt and found that was not my calling, decided I like the more traditional bed-size quilts.  Techniques used are machine piecing, hand applique, and hand quilting.  Quilt size is 40" x 29".
Dimensional Flower Basket  -  made February to May 1995.   When Elly Sienkiewicz published her book  "Dimensional Applique"  I found a need to give it a try.  At the same time the Smithsonian Institute had printed a series of reproduction fabrics in the Rising Sun fabric line.  The basket and the dimensional applique flowers are examples taken from Elly's books, the applique used behind the dimensional work is called broderie perse and uses the large floral print from the Rising Sun grouping.  Techniques used are broderie perse applique, traditional needle-turn applique, dimensional applique elements,  machine piecing, and hand quilting.  Quilt size is 34" x 34"
Ribbons and Threads  -  made September to October 1997.  This quilt is made using only silk ribbon and silk thread.  Techniques used are hand embroidery and hand quilting.  Quilt size is 17" x 17".
Miniature Baltimore Album  -  made March to July 1998.  The designs used in the blocks are from the book  "Baltimore Album"  by  Jenifer Buechel.  Materials used are silk ribbon, silk thread, DMC cotton embroidery thread, and cotton fabrics for the applique shapes.  Techniques used are fusible applique, hand embroidery, ribbon embroidery stitches, machine piecing, and hand quilted.  Quilt size is 31" x 31".
English Cottage  -  made in December 2000 to January 2001.  This quilt is an adaptation of an a pattern purchased at a quilt show from a designer in Canada.  Techniques used are hand applique (some with raw edge for dimensional effect), silk ribbon embroidery, and hand quilting.  Quilt size is 22" x 25".
Wedgewood Blues  -  made in September 2004.  This quilt appears in the book "Mastering the Art of McTavishing" by Karen McTavish.  It was featured in the original printing in 2005 and again in the revised 2nd edition printed in 2014.  This was an honor to be featured in the book especially since I had the only "hand quilted" McTavishing in the book.  Techniques used are trapunto, Italian cording, hand applique and hand quilting.  Quilt size is 27" x 27".
Silk Ribbon Album  -  silk ribbon embroidery work in 2007,  quilt set together in 2009,  quilted in 2015.   The blocks are adapted from a pattern by Jenifer Buechel.  Techniques used are silk ribbon embroidery, hand applique,  and machine quilted.  Machine quilting executed by Cynthia Allen of Dew, Texas.  Quilt size is 49" x 61".
Coming Home  -  hand embroidery by Anne Clarke November 2011 to June 2012,  pieced and set together in July 2012,  hand quilted in 2014.  This quilt is an adaptation from the pattern by CrabApple Hill Studios, but my thoughts were I wanted a quilt that would be reminiscent of a Currier and Ives card - so with that in mind the embroidery work was a collaboration between the two of us to get the stitches needed to make the finished product resemble my idea.  The original quilt was to be straight embroidery stitches that would resemble 'redwork'.  Workmanship is exquisite for both the hand embroidery stitches and the hand quilting.  My favorite stitches are the blackwork stitches on the bridge, but I love the total look of the quilt.  Techniques used are hand embroidery, machine piecing, and hand quilting.   Quilt size is 56" x 61".