Guild Workshops

Hand Quilting Workshop

In this workshop, we cover not only how to learn the hand quilting stitch to quilt your quilt top,  but we also discuss the quilting needle,  the quilting thread, and most importantly the quilt batting.  The student learns about marking the quilting motifs and the appropriate amount of hand quilting needed for their quilt top.  We discuss how to sandwich and baste your quilt layers for preparation of hand quilting.  This is a 3 – 4 hour workshop, but we do not quilt for the entire three hours.  This a very technical course that covers all the pertinent information you need to know to improve and enjoy your hand quilting experience.


Piece and Design Workshop

In this workshop, the student learns to work with half-square triangles to make a block that will be the foundation for the whole quilt design.  You will learn to piece the half-square triangles without working with bias edges.  And these blocks will be combined with four-patch blocks to build your larger block.   Will also learn how  the block does not make the quilt design until many of your blocks are set together and only then is the design revealed.   The student will be given several different setting for this quilt that can be used.  This is a 3-hour workshop (or can be all day) in which the student makes enough blocks to understand the concept of the quilt design


Silk Ribbon Embroidery Workshop

In this workshop the student will learn to make the twelve most common stitches used in silk ribbon embroidery work.  After learning these stitches you will be able to  apply your ribbon work to any surface  –  quilts, wearables, home décor, or anything you can think to add it to.  This is a 3 – 4 hour workshop and as long as you can thread a needle and then stitch with the needle you are capable of making these ribbon embroidery stitches.  The student will be required to purchase a ribbon kit from the teacher that will include everything needed for the workshop except for a small hoop, scissors, and a thimble.


Machine Embroidery Into Quilts

This workshop will have you combine your embroidery machine,  your favorite purchased embroidery designs, and your quilt making skills to make machine embroidery quilts.   You will use your embroidery machine in ways you may never have imagined.  Very educational and brings a new dimension into your quilting world.  The workshop is approximately 4 – 5 hours or can be an all day event.

Only Two Blocks !!

This workshop consists of using two traditional simple quilt blocks.  First you will cut the block units,  then piece the blocks and then all the fun begins.   You will learn how important the “value” of fabric colors are by using only light,  medium,  and dark fabrics.   Then we will take the blocks that have a strong diagonal line across the block and find multiple quilt settings.  This workshop works only with squares,  four-patch blocks,  and half-square triangles,  you will be given five different quilt lay-outs to choose from to set your blocks into your chosen quilt setting  OR  you may also choose to create a new quilt lay-out.   This workshop can be enjoyed by a beginning quilter or a more seasoned experienced quilter.   The workshop is approximately 3 – 4 hours, and we will make one of each of the two traditional blocks and then the student will complete the quilt project on their own schedule after the workshop.


Quilt Binding and Finished Edges

This workshop will teach three different binding techniques to use on the finished edge of your quilts,  along with applying a binding with machine stitching.  The workshop is about four hours long and requires a sewing machine in the workshop.


Fees –

Cost for workshop is  $400  with a class limit of 18 participants,  no minimum required.