Guild Program Lectures

Tips and Techniques – What the Books Don’t Always Tell You

A lecture that covers some of the tips and techniques that work for me.  Since I have been quilting for over 4 decades,  I have found that sometimes what the book or pattern says does not always work.  So I talk and show techniques that I have found to be true to form and technically user friendly to get the results that I want in my quilts.  This lecture also includes about 10 – 12 of my quilts that are examples of the techniques used.  This program lecture is extremely educational for beginner or experienced quilters and usually last about one hour to cover all the topics.  Topics cover from choosing your pattern and fabrics to the washing and storing of your quilt.

Judging Criteria

I use this lecture as a way of discussing and educating what Judges are looking at when we evaluate your quilt in a show.  I use my quilts that have been judged previously as examples,  discussing the critiques that were made concerning the quilt.  With each quilt we examine what the Judge felt was a good point and what was an area that needed to be improved upon.  Approximately 10 – 12 quilts are used in this presentation.   Very educational program if one wishes to improve upon their quilting skills for competing in judged quilt shows.   Depending upon questions and interest, this lecture is approximately one hour long.

Why I made This Quilt

This is a trunk show consisting of about 25 – 30 quilts.  I discuss color combinations, special techniques used, design changes, and quilting motif designs that enchance the quilt.  This program is all about what I truly learned from making this quilt so that the next quilt could be improved upon.   This lecture lasts about one hour and fifteen minutes.  Questions are welcome.

Tips to Becoming a Blue Ribbon Quilter

A lecture with a trunk show that give tips, suggestions, and ideas that will enhance your ability to compete in a judged quilt show.  The quilts will show examples of the points discussed in the lecture.  There are 8 -10 quilts used in this program.  This lecture will take about one hour and members are encouraged to ask questions.

I Made this Quilt and What I Learned

This lecture presents about 25 – 30 quilts showing you mistakes made and what I learned from each experience and ideas of what not to do if I were to make the quilt again.  Yes, I am not a perfect quilter, but I do try to learn from my “learning experiences”.  Tips are given for tools that work as well as tools that did not work so well.  Very educational as well as an enjoyable trunk show.  The lecture lasts about one hour and fifteen minutes and is open for questions.

Machine Embroidery Marries Quilts

This lecture will show you how to take your embroidery machine and using purchased designs,  you will stitch and combine your quilting skills to make unique quilts.  The trunk show consists of about 25 – 30 quilts and inspires you to get out the other half of your sewing/embroidery machine and use it.  The lecture lasts about one hour.



My lecture fee is $175 plus mileage, meals, and an overnight stay when needed.  For an overnight stay, arrangements will be made for a hotel room on the ground floor when possible.  If a ground floor room is not available, the facility must have an elevator.  A non-smoking room is required.  I do my best to not require an overnight stay if possible when giving just a program lecture to minimize the cost to a guild.  Please contact me if you have more questions.